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The aim of the project was to create a monument - a symbol in Marseille. The first question was: the symbol of what and for who? After interviewed people we can identified a symbol portrait of nowadays : GLOBALIZATION, SOCIAL NETWORKS, IPHONE, SPEED TECHNOLOGY, INFORMATION, etc ...

"Mobile devices, fast-food, express-diagnostics - the basis of modern civilization there is a principle of particle acceleration, large and small, but as the answer to this Rush the cult of break comes out " (Nataliya Dybyaga «Салон» 2011 November)

The survey results led to create a symbol of the 'pause', in our case it is a symbol of Man.

I filmed in October 14/2012 from 11h00 to 17h00 at Villeneuve Place Bargemon where i captured 50 people with different emotions. These people where there at different places and at different times but it led me to create a scenario in which they are all together at the same time when they can all interact with each other.

The goal of the project is to involve real people to interact with the sculptures thereby create a dialogue between us and our nature. The way how we will see ourselves in these reflecting sculptures will create a situation when we can stay alone with ourselves