Ephemeral Architecture

The concept of ‘ephemeral architecture’ as such doesn not exist, what is the ephemeral nature ? …is this what does not exist, or is it something temporary or did we invent it. It is unreal, imaginary, illusory, it is our imagination.

Installation is not aimed directly at creation of architecture, which is in our minds as something tangible, visible and real, but rather to create a sensation, generates by the architecture.

For implementation of this idea, we simulate the facade with wooden boards where the door is assumed that can be open and the window with a curtain overlooks the sea. The outer part or the facade and from the inner part the boards are partially stacked on the sand through which you can go to the window or go out through the door on the other side. A feeling of architecture is only through a flat wall that separates one space into two parts: internal and external. And a feeling when you stand before the window overlooking the sea or in front of the door through which you can go out, makes a man experience a sense of duality…are you ‘inside’ or ‘outside’, this imaginary feeling of one space…or imaginary feeling of two spaces ?

in collaboration with Vladimir Belyakov

using allyou.net