“Every object tells a story if you know how to read it” (c) Henry Ford
… if not, it will speak by itself.

To show that everything is alive, including ordinary objects.
Everything that surrounds us leaves a trace. Objects transform from passive observers to real interlocutors able to tell millions of stories, evoking emotions and memories.
Room is the primary space where we grow and change. It represents the quintessence of silent influence and like a sponge absorbs its owner’s character. By listening carefully, it starts to represent stories of someone’s life.

The leitmotif
One space = thousand rooms

The final object:
Art installation = the room, where you enter and find yourself in
thousands of spaces (a hypothetical reservoir) where objects
become narrators. A collection of stories is represented in this room.
Everything that is happening in this space should revive memories and bring back emotions.
Our interpretation is a simulation of space where we create a “cloud of memories” in which stories of ordinary objects form a
personification of “genius loci”.

The final product:
Ten minute video which shows various apartments from different parts of the world, their furniture, lighting and textures; everything that
is meaningful and has its own story.
Materials used for this project consist of video footages
(compilation of stories).
Our space is an empty room where the viewer can see only objects and hear stories about them (in their owners’ native
language with English subtitles).

Technical details of the room:
Room - 5x5x3m | white color | 6 ultra-short focus projectors +
acoustic system |

Team :

using allyou.net