Art Cité

In recent years the houses like ‘Grand ensemble’ or Cité (eng. Housing estate) are being demolished with increased speed, in dividing wall of which ammonia was found. Houses are voted to be unfit for habitation. After living for over 50 years, families have left their homes. Vast empty territories are being formed in the urban tissue promising us a better future

One of such typical project is “La Busserine”

For the project it has been taken one of typical sections in the center of “La Busserine”

We tried to:
1. Evaluate the significance of life filling these houses and
2. Think about what these people need
In trying to understand and get acquainted with the inhabitants, we stumbled on the creative team JR, who were sticking portraits of the neighborhoods residents on the side of buildings around the city. This solution helps us to look at these people as if under a microscope, you can see what is hidden behind wrinkles eyes, mustaches and so on ... there were stories, rich and vibrant stories.

So our plan was to give a space and a place for expression, for dialogue, for the opportunity to show what you think. The allegory of such art space becomes a “white canvas”, because it is the essence of the creative space. It is designed to work and create on it. If we imagined a house as a white canvas without windows and doors it would be difficult to determine its scale but nevertheless it would maintain its shape that still give us a certain rank of associations.

Thus we create a monument, maybe even a tombstone? which serves as a certain mention notably we immortalize this form, this image.

The surface like a white sheet may still serve for a message

This space would live its own life and developing spontaneously and perhaps unpredictable. Maybe it would be drawn by local graffiti vandals

It would grow old and turn black and its bottom would be covered with mold

or serve as a kind of lighting device at night

or be open theater where neighborhoods residents can watch movies from their balconies
There are so many scenarios and they all may be relevant depending on the characteristics of a district. As a clean sheet of paper invites us to write something on it so this white-box house provokes us to think about what it might be? and what is inside?

You see one little door in the corner of the building ... you entre… darkness is inside, it is everywhere …you lift your head up to 25 meters to the top, you don’t see the end of this space but you see 108 lights that float instead of each apartment, 108 souls of apartments, 108 memories,…you see the elevator on the right-side... you enter and push the button- 9 floor… the door opens behind you, you turn around... and at the height of 25 meters you see a stairway leading down... you dare to go further… Welcome to the Art Cité!

One of the questions that I often hear is: “Where would you like to live?” - And at this point, we reflect about our perfect house with our own needs, wants and features. We often wonder where
we want to live, in which cities, houses, apartments. We are planning and designing and more rarely we think about what we leave afterwards…. home? apartments? or stories and events? or
nothing? With these few questions I started my project…